What we do, and why we do it.

NowDesign focuses on print, packaging, and identity design for clients primarily in the mid-Willamette Valley. We have worked with clients in Washington D.C., California, Hawaii and Washington state. We are fortunate to have many clients in the Oregon wine industry, higher education, and non-profit sectors. The why part is a little tougher… I guess we do it because we love design and enjoy seeing our clients succeed!

Graphic Design

Design is a process of visual discovery, which strives to enhance meaning or impart a message. Whether it’s a wine label, a logo for a new venture, a website or an annual report – we strategize, research, explore and then execute concepts that are strong, focused, relevant and most of all… really cool.

Brand Development

How a company positions itself, from its messaging and visuals, to how it’s perceived, is its brand. Think of it as a company’s personality. We can work with you to develop and shape your brand, or work within an existing brand to expand or refine it. We like working within systems.

Packaging Design

We’re fans of packages, boxes and bags. We specially like bottles, labels, and capsules! Package design, be it wine labels, food packaging or garden supplies, is a design muscle that we like to flex. We offer full creative services and work with some great local vendors to bring it to life.

The method behind our madness.

Be Curious — The designer should be thoroughly informed on every aspect of a client, the project, goals and objectives, and still they must approach the project as if seeing it for the first time. In order to understand how others will see the design solution, the designer must pretend, play and evaluate the work.

Be Honest — The average consumer is incredibly savvy in the ways of marketing. In order to convince them of anything, the designer must first build trust with them. Be brash, be bold, but above all, be honest.

Be Authentic — A functioning design solution is appropriate, yet completely unexpected. It is relevant, yet surprising; is illogical yet contains logic. Great design speaks the truth, but provokes a new way of seeing the product.