Contact Us

How to reach us.

Meetings — Whenever possible, we prefer to sit down face to face and chat. We find that actually meeting and talking over the project is the best way to communicate clearly. While our preference is to meet, sometimes, phone, fax and email just have to work.

Website — — You’re here, so you probably know what our website offers. The goal of our site is to provide samples of our work, an explanation of our philosophy, and of course, ways to contact us.

Telephone — Office 503.990.8098 — Cell 503.689.4797

Emailemail me here — You can email Chris at this address, we are not spelling it out to help avoid SPAM engines finding us. — One more way to supply our audience more information, and another opportunity to reach us.

Mental Telepathy — If you focus really, really hard, we might just hear it. It’s sort of a “design whisperer” thing… we can just sense your desire for good design. If that doesn’t work, you can try lighting a candle, saying a prayer, or you can just give up and use the above mentioned technology.

Smoke Signals — OK, that’ll never work. Better to just call or email us and set up time to sit down and have a meeting. Modern technology is a good thing, embrace it.

Make a PaymentPayment Page — We’ve partnered with Costco’s merchant services to allow credit card payments. Safe and Secure.