Mad Violets

The Mad Violets label design project began with a meeting at a coffee shop. Very quickly, I realized these two individuals were not interested in old world tradition. Their love of farming, their free spirit, and their sense of whimsy overrode my initial inclinations and took the project in a unique direction.

A touch of turn of the century decoupage, along with original drawings by Kelly and Stirling’s daughter, makes for label with old world charm and home spun sensibility. The package was finished with a hand applied neck label instead of a capsule in order to further the hand made message, and to reduce the carbon footprint. The result is a sophisticated and special label that represents the boutique-crafted wine as well as the family perfectly.

“Working with Chris on our many label iterations is always a thrill!  The creativity that flows through his brain is truly impressive, not to mention his expertise in the area of wine label design which is priceless when it comes to navigating the TTB waters.”