J. Wrigley Vineyards is the creation of Jody and Jody Wrigley. Cleared, planted and maintained by John and Jody themselves, J. Wrigley Vineyards is a love story in many ways. It’s an obsession and the story of family members old and new. In short, it’s personal.

The label design is based on a JW monogram of sorts, and uses a simple, clean layout that lets the type read clearly. The wines are often named for personal details of their journey, including Proposal Block pinot noir. The labels use a natural color palette, organic but austere. The labels employ high end, but reserved print techniques for a high end presentation..

John and I met Chris of Now Design before we had wine in a bottle! That was 10 years ago and we have never looked elsewhere.  Once you have conceptualized your design, Chris masterfully brings your brand to life which saves time on future development projects. We wouldn’t consider anyone else.”