Domaine Drouhin

We were initially asked to help develop a new, super premium tier for Domaine Drouhin. From the first meeting, the Edition Limitée project was hyper-focused and wide ranging. We explored many different possible directions, and even developed a new Rosé label along the way. The process was a true partnership of creativity and refinement. Working closely with our print vendors ensured that our focus and attention to detail paid off. The end product is a label of superior elegance and craft, and reflects the super premium nature of the wine and the DDO Brand.

Since that first project, we’ve continued to work with the Domaine Drouhin team to develop new labels, refresh the main DDO label system, and develop accompanying marketing materials, advertisement and sales tools.

“It takes a lot of skill and patience to navigate our aesthetic needs, which balance refinement and tradition with a modern feel. Chris understands ‘who we are,’ and helps to make sure our design work reflects that. We often work on microscopic details and adjustments, which I imagine would have others pulling their hair out, but not Chris.  He makes us better, and he’s a pleasure to work with.”

David Millman
Domaine Drouhin Oregon