Grant Company Construction

The Grant Company is a fixture in the town of Mt. Angel. As a commercial construction company, they’ve built everything from churches to wineries. After 20 years in business, the identity needed some renovation.

The identity of the business centers around the simple “Hammer G” logo. Merging two symbols into one is an age old technique for designing logos, but rarely are you presented with such a perfect opportunity. The idea was to integrate the head of a hammer, representing construction, into the letterform of a capital G, which represents the family name. The trick was to do it seamlessly – so it appeared graceful.

Once the main icon was developed then it became a matter of applying it in a way that grew the logo into a full system. The resulting identity is rich and nuanced and implies a level of old world craft – a hallmark of their construction style.

The logo is used on business collateral, shirts, vehicles and site signs.