Willakenzie Estate “Super Cuvée”

The team at Willakenzie decided to produce an “Uber-Cuvee” Pinot Noir. The goal was to produce a buzz worthy, high-end wine that would help elevate the perception of the winery. Our charge was to ensure the new package fit into the existing brand while expanding it to include this new luxury Pinot Noir.

Willakenzie has a long history of producing fantastic wines, and it is one of Oregon’s largest producers. However they have never created a product specifically for the ultra-premium market. They hope this new wine will attract attention for the winery and help others see them as they see themselves – a boutique producer of world class wine.

“I worked with Chris on several projects while I was consulting for WillaKenzie Estate. He is a gifted designer with a great sense of style. He also understands the need for any design to support and enhance a company’s core message. He offered great service and great value. I look forward to working with him again.”