Bergstrom Ö

Bergstrom Winery, a legendary producer of premium Willamette Valley wines, decided to develop a product line that would be positioned as a high-velocity consumer friendly brand. The brand was named after the “O” of Bergström, and carried  the umlaut that is characteristic of the Bergstrom name.

Given that this was to be a budget conscious wine, the packaging was kept affordable to help with the lower price point of the wine. It also was developed as an end cap product, allowing distributors to quickly put the wine on display and allow it to self itself based on packaging, store location, and price. The simple, vibrant labels attract enough attention to lure in anyone even remotely interested in purchasing wine.

The result is a pair of wines, a Pinot noir and a white blend that are perfectly paired siblings, and a strong representation of two of Oregon’s best known varietals.