Arborbrook Labeling System

Dave and Mary Hansen have built a well respected brand, and produce a well respected wine. Having started as a family dream, the vineyard now produces world class Pinot noir, but the packaging needed a facelift.

The old package was well produced, but the overall brand had moved in a different direction. Our goal was to develop a new packaging system that accommodated several quality tiers, different bottle sizes and maintain the brand recognition that the winery had built. We started by maintaining the two main icons of the brand – the wordmark and the Willow tree illustration (a vineyard feature.)

Around those two elements, we built a structure that reflects the wordmarks art deco roots. We were careful to balance the label colors to work with both old and new capsules to avoid wasting their existing stock. The new system provides elegance, shelf presence and flexibility.

“You rock – you rock – you rock.”